Friday, July 26, 2013

the People of the big river adventure
 July 25,2013
day eleven part two
well the rest of the day went okay ,I got to dig for fossils at a small town call republic, WA., but most of the day was very long because we were on the road again!! we travel from Spokane to grand coulee dam to see the laser show, which was pretty cool  !! any ways there is nothing else to tell you, my peeps but that I am just excited for tomorrow!! I am hoping that we can howl with the wolves tomorrow, or something long though lines !! I can only hope now, pray for tomorrow, and stayed turned for tomorrow adventure maybe it will better than riding down a very long road !! so good night my peeps and stay turn for more!!!  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

the People of the Big River Adventure 
July 25,2013
day eleven 

 today i start by playing basketball and got all squeaky clean again and i write write on the blog to my peeps and i know we will be on the road again and many other thing , it is still early for something to happen yet so stay turn for my adventure!! 
the people of the big river adventure 
July 24,2013
day ten 

well today i woke up feeling great today, the first thing the group had done was the Spokane Tribe 101!! we listen and learned from the fisheries, forestry, and wildlife management programs !! they were the first to meet us !! they are very welcoming and the best hosts i ever met !! after the the meet, greet and tribal history 101 !! we went out to the field to work,it was freaking awesome there are no word to describe the fun i had and it was a learning experience!! after the setting traps we went to catch fish by shocking them and netting them with a D-shaped net !! when we were finished we had dinner at the lake Roosevelt where the students swam and our hosts cooked salmon and chicken for us !! it was very good salmon, i had never had it with bacon before it was delicious, and sang happy birthday to a very good friend of mine (Destiny Black )!! good night all , lights out !! my family and friend at home love and miss you all, i'll be home soon 
the people of the big river adventure 
July 23, 2013
day nine 

 well today we woke up pretty late and got on the road late, but we got to paint with the rock that we had gotten, and eat the first food from wenix had shown us, then we were on the road again !! it was a very long drive, i slept part of the way so i don't remember most the way there !! i do remember passing tri-cities  and saying  that i was so close to home but yet so far !! g2g my peeps, and to my family and friends at home love and miss you very much , just know that i'll be home soon!! bye :)
the People of the Big River 
July 22,2013
day eight 
ok , peeps we are traveling to the Umatilla tribal reservation to meet Wenix  Red Elk !!! we make it little before lunch , so as you would know that we had lunch there at the agency !! then we were off to the field site to see the site of restore of a river !! on the way there we had gotten flat tires on all the rides !! there were two flat tires for seach ride !! today was a very long day but that the end of the day we had indian taco for dinner and that turned day right around and we played volleyball White swan Vs HU  students !! white swan won :( but maybe next time it's HU!! :) here hoping !!   

Sunday, July 21, 2013

the people of the big river adventure
July 21, 2013
day seven  
well today went woke up extra early because we went to Nez Perce fisheries where we observed them counting fish and tagging them !! then went  to there office to see where he spoke about the different fish, where they fix and put the equipment in storage !! then went to the grave site of chief joseph where Jessica gave a awesome lecture on glaciers around the area!! then we had lunch at the friendship feast , where had salmon and buffalo!! then Haver, Francisco, and I made dinner , it was spaghetti , salad , and garlic bread . then light out all so good night peeps !! to my loving family and friend in the valley , love and miss you all !! :)        
the People Of the Big River Adventure
July 20, 2013
Day six
 well today is my little niece's Birthday, she is turning 8 years old today !! so happy birthday little Leah , auntie love you very much and sorry that I can't be there but I love you!! so today we started with being on the road and I am so proud of myself because I  stayed wake the whole way to Wallowa from bend,org.!! on the way Wallowa we stopped at the painted hills and we reached Wallowa at 9:00 pm. we set up camp and watch part of the pow-wow !! then we went to sleep :)